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A Million Dollar Movement That’s ‘Powered by Purpose’

2023-08-04 04:07 PM

By The R&R Family of Companies

Our ‘Powered by Purpose’ mindset among the R&R Family of Companies has helped The XEL FOUNDATION reach a monumental milestone in its journey — crossing the one million dollar threshold for fundraising! This accomplishment means the world to everyone involved and shows just how important and relatable the movement is to so many people. Together we are empowering change with purpose!

The XEL FOUNDATION was founded to support individuals with autism through research and inclusion. The R&R Family of Companies is proud to provide support to continue to grow the foundation’s positive momentum. 

Keep reading to learn more about who and what is powering our purpose.

The Power Behind the Purpose

In 2017, the CEO of the R&R Family of Companies, Richard S. Francis’ grandson Lex was diagnosed with autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. As a grandfather, he knew he had to do something, as a business owner he knew he could do more.

In November of 2021, Rich and his wife Kathie donated $100,000 to form an autism foundation, The XEL FOUNDATION, for research and inclusion. That year the rate of autism was 1 in 54. That same day, Rich asked the employees at the R&R Family of Companies to consider donating $.54 for every load moved, which R&R would match. Unfortunately, today the number has increased to 1 in 36.

Special Thanks to Donors of The XEL FOUNDATION

Through their involvement with the Lex Go! Club, team members, employees and advocates across the R&R Family of Companies are committed to fighting the increasing rates of autism by pledging $0.54 of every truckload moved to The XEL FOUNDATION, which is matched by the R&R Family of Companies for a total contribution of $1.08 per truckload.

In addition to the Lex Go! members, we want to take a moment to thank and celebrate other traditional donors that have helped us reach the one million mark. We have received numerous donations from corporate donors, in-kind donors, and families and friends of the foundation. Without you, reaching this monumental milestone would not have been possible!

Partnership with the Autism Discovery & Treatment Fund

The XEL FOUNDATION has committed to partner with the Autism Discovery & Treatment Fund, headed by Dr. Richard Frye, MD, PhD, FAAP, FAAN, CPI. The board has agreed to fund a hand-selected, progressive research project over a 5-year period. We look forward to updating everyone on the progress of this research.

The Foundation’s Innovative Ways of Increasing Inclusion

The Sensory Activation Vehicle — brought to you by The XEL FOUNDATION in partnership with KultureCity, and powered by The R&R Family of Companies – has been traveling across the nation to provide inclusive opportunities for all individuals. From Bonaroo in Tennessee, to the World's Strongest Man competition in South Carolina, to Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix, the S.A.V.E offers a mobile sensory experience to any event that lacks a physical space for a dedicated sensory room.

Dedicate Your Power to the Purpose!

Are you interested in supporting individuals with autism? Get involved with The XEL FOUNDATION to help make a difference! Like a flywheel, the more energy we can all put into this movement, the greater the results will be. 

There are multiple ways to give back and get involved with the foundation:

  • Newsletter: Subscribe to The XEL FOUNDATION newsletter to stay up-to-date. There are many exciting announcements coming later this fall!
  • Online Donation: Make an online donation.
  • Online Store: Make a purchase from The XEL FOUNDATION online store.
  • Volunteering: Contact us to see how you can get actively involved with volunteer work for The XEL FOUNDATION. 
  • Corporate Donation Program: Talk to us about setting up a recurring donation program for your business so you can be Powered by Purpose, too! Just as the brands within the R&R Family of Companies donate $.54 for every truckload moved, we can help set up a similar program that’s specific to the products or services that your company offers.


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