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Full Truckload Shipping

Full Truckload Shipping

Our customized truckload solutions give your business the shipping capacity you need to get ahead. Whether your needs are a 53’ trailer, refrigeration with technology-controlled precision for your sensitive freight, or flatbed and step deck experience to haul steel pipe, steel coils, flat steel, lumber, crane mats, steel wire, and so many other commodities - we’ve got you covered. 

With over 40 years of experience and long-term relationships with clients across many industries, the R&R Family of Companies is the right partner for your truckload shipping needs.

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Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping

Cheaper Rates

FTL provides cost savings for large shipments over using multiple smaller shipments.

Less Damage

FTL shipping minimizes the chance of damages occurring since shipments stay on the same truck and are not transferred during transport.

Fast Transit Times

FTL provides faster transport times as there are not multiple shipments on board or multiple stops on the route.

Comprehensive Truckload Shipping Options


For freight that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard trailer or does not require dry van enclosure.

Dry Van

For sensitive freight that requires coverage and protection from outside elements.

Step Deck

For freight that is too tall to be shipped on a flatbed trailer; allows you to haul tall loads without a special permit.


For freight that requires security, conestogas feature a retractable tarping system spanning the length of their decks.


For sensitive, perishable freight that needs to be consistently kept at a specific temperature.


For freight that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard trailer or does not require dry van enclosure.

Box Truck

For standard size freight under 8,000 pounds that does not require special shipping conditions.


For volume shipments, we match your container freight with a chassis for transfer.

Why Ship FTL with R&R?

Specialized Options

FTL shipping includes specialized options for flatbed and step deck uses, as well as consistency for refrigerated freight.


We have access to hundreds of trailers across our family of companies, and even more across our 80,000 carrier relationships.

Trackable & Secure

Security of your shipments is our top priority. Our online tracking system gives you basic or detailed tracking information based on the carrier.

Large Carrier Network

R&R Family of Companies has access to a large North American network of qualified carriers, plus our own talented driver pool focused on safety first as a core value.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ship in full 53’ trackable trailers.

While FTL (full truckload) takes up an entire truckload, LTL (less than truckload) freight shipping does not. With LTL shipping, you share space with other shippers and share transportation costs. With LTL, your portion of the freight charges is based on the amount of space your cargo uses.

Yes, you can easily track shipments with the R&R Family of Companies on our website. Just input your customer code and load number to see your status.

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600 - R&R Global
600 - Taylor Transportation, Inc.
500 - LTR - Load To Ride Transportation
320 - RFX | RFE
300 - AGX
280 - R&R Express
255 - American Group
255 - WLX | WLE
255 - GT
240 - Paradigm

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