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At the R&R Family of Companies, we take an advanced approach to freight logistics, which is one of the reasons why we’re known as best-in-class in the logistics industry. This technology-forward approach allows our logistics service managers to match customer freight opportunities with company assets across our fleets. Join our team of talented logistics coordinators!

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Being a Logistics Coordinator at the R&R Family of Companies

Our proprietary transportation management system makes it easy to manage shipments from pickup to delivery and can maintain real-time status updates based on individual customer requirements. Our fully integrated software allows for total control over shipments by promoting constant communication between drivers and network partners, and open communication policies between our sales representatives and logistics service managers.

To help our team provide real market pricing, our proprietary rate matrix software compiles rate and capacity data for any lane currently serviced by our companies, which ensures that we can provide accurate and highly competitive rates for every load, every time. We understand that the industry is in a constant state of change, and we utilize our experience and our technology to provide consistent service market sensitive pricing to our customers.

With our technology-based LTL service, our customers are able to compare all regional and national LTL carriers at our volume discounted rates with the click of a button. No longer do shipping managers have to make phone calls for spot quotes to ensure competitive pricing. Compare rates amongst our database of national carriers and click to dispatch. It’s that simple.

While we love the technology that makes our jobs easier and more efficient, our logistics coordinators also benefit from an environment fueled by mentorship and growth. You’ll be well-supported whether you’re starting your career as logistics coordinator or bringing with you years of experience to the team.

Proprietary Transportation Management System

Proprietary Transportation Management System

Talented Team of Logistics Specialists

Talented Team of Logistics Specialists

No Need for Spot Quotes to Ensure Competitive Pricing

No Need for Spot Quotes to Ensure Competitive Pricing

Large National Carrier Network

Large National Carrier Network



“I’ve been a logistics coordinator with the R&R Family of Companies for five years. R&R provides every tool we need AND they provide us with the support we need surrounding the tools to get the job done and see huge successes. Coming to work everyday is like an extension of family, working together as a team in a comfortable environment. The leadership at R&R never micromanages us, but instead, they listen to us and support our needs. On top of all of that, the compensation is extremely rewarding and motivating.”

- Tom S., Logistics Coordinator 


“I love to problem solve and provide great customer service. I’ve only been at R&R Global for about a year and a half, but it’s almost like I get to run my own business within a business. It’s really yours to control and run - with the dynamic support that R&R provides. They’re always helping - never hindering. The work environment is so positive and you never feel like just a number. We work together and care about each other - from the leadership down. There are awesome perks like team building events, trips, contests, happy hours, office lunches, gym and barber. I’ve finally found a career that rewards me for my work ethic - the harder I work, the more money I make!”

- Joe R., Logistics Coordinator 


“When I came to R&R Global, I was just off of a deployment with no job and no idea where my life was going to take me. Dave T. brought me on, and it was the greatest blessing in my life to date! The best part about this place, and it is hard to single one thing out, but for me the best thing is the family feeling you get being around everybody day in and day out. I ENJOY coming into the office everyday. I ENJOY seeing my colleagues achieve their goals. This job is one in a million, from Rich to the bottom - everyone here is there to help you reach your goals in your work life and personal life. R&R Global is easily the best place to work and I am so thankful to be a part of this family.”

- Chris W., Logistics Coordinator 


“Within my first seven days, I felt like I belonged. And that hasn’t changed! The culture at R&R Global is family-first, employee-centered, and a positive, supportive team environment. Everyday our successes our celebrated individually and collectively. Leadership is on the floor, available, and ready to shine a light on hard work. The LC role is competitive, exciting and provides endless opportunities. The job requires a certain level of grit, persistence, and discipline and best of all, it immediately rewards those who embrace it and get after it. Every day is a new challenge and with that a new opportunity to grow your business, grow both professionally and personally. There’s no ceiling or red tape. It’s been a pathway for a whole new life for me and my family.”

- Pete G., Logistics Coordinator


600 - R&R Global
600 - Taylor Transportation, Inc.
500 - LTR - Load To Ride Transportation
320 - RFX | RFE
300 - AGX
280 - R&R Express
255 - American Group
255 - WLX | WLE
255 - GT
240 - Paradigm

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