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Cross Border Shipping

Cross Border Shipping

Open up opportunities for your business with our Cross Border shipping solution. International shipments take time and can be very costly when not planned and executed properly. Our large network and decades of experience allow us to streamline the border crossing process into Mexico and Canada and make customs, paperwork and security part of a no-stress mission.


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Comprehensive Cross Border Shipping Options

When it comes to cross-border shipments that require special attention or handling, you can rely on R&R Global for expanded border crossing service. We make our customers feel as if crossing the border is as easy as delivering next door. R&R Global is not limited to just trans-border freight; we can assist you in all your transportation needs.


For freight that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard trailer or does not require dry van enclosure.


For sensitive freight that requires coverage and protection from outside elements.

Step Deck

For freight that is too tall to be shipped on a flatbed trailer; allows you to haul tall loads without a special permit.


For freight that requires security, conestogas feature a retractable tarping system spanning the length of their decks.


For sensitive, perishable freight that needs to be consistently kept at a specific temperature.


For freight that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard trailer or does not require dry van enclosure.

Box Truck

For standard size freight under 8,000 pounds that does not require special shipping conditions.


For volume shipments, we match your container freight with a chassis for transfer.

Why Ship Across the Border with R&R?

Layered Security

We offer multi-layered security processes to keep your freight secure. 


Cross Border helps you get your goods to new areas to broaden your client base.

Specialized Options

Cross Border shipping includes specialized options for flatbed and step deck uses, as well as consistency for refrigerated freight.


We have access to hundreds of trailers across our family of companies, and even more across our 80,000 carrier relationships.


Our online tracking system gives you basic or detailed tracking information based on the carrier.

Large Carrier Network

We offer multi-layered security processes to keep your freight secure. 

Who We Ship For

Cross border shipping to Canada and Mexico is a popular option for companies shipping a high volume of freight that want convenience and value. Our cross border shipping solution offers a level of security and privacy that is unmatched. Find your industry below to learn more, or submit the form on this page to start the conversation about your freight needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Paperwork is the number one thing that holds up cross border shipments. R&R Global has dedicated customs agents to handle the details for our customers.

Although it might seem that cross border shipments might take longer, barring the occasional delays at the border, you can expect a cross border shipment to be similar to a US shipment (< 500 miles, 1 to 2 days, >500 miles, 2-3 days, >1,000 miles, 3-4 days).

Let R&R Global take the worry out of cross border shipping by handling all of the customs and paperwork for you.

The Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) is the process by which most of the trucks that arrive at the Canadian border are processed. This alleviates congestion and customs hassles. When trucks come back into the United States, the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) is the equivalent for cargo going south.

Pedimento is the customs entry form of Mexico, and is one of the most important border crossing documents that need to be filed in order for a shipment to be allowed into Mexico.

Yes, with the latest technology in play at The R&R Family of Companies, you can easily track shipments on our website. Just input your customer code and load number to see your status.

Shipment Details


600 - R&R Global
600 - Taylor Transportation, Inc.
500 - LTR - Load To Ride Transportation
320 - RFX | RFE
300 - AGX
280 - R&R Express
255 - American Group
255 - WLX | WLE
255 - GT
240 - Paradigm
120 - Pioneer Transfer

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