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Get the reliability you need for consistent shipments traveling long distances with our intermodal rail shipping solution. As an asset-based provider, our equipment provides unmatched availability and reliability so that you’re not left scrambling to find a third-party rail shipper. Sustainability is a key driver for us, and we can make it a goal accomplished for you.

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Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

While often overlooked, intermodal rail shipping can be part of a highly successful freight and logistics strategy for any company shipping freight long distances.

  • Lower Costs: Intermodal shipping requires less fuel, presents fewer handling charges, and is more cost-effective in general.
  • Improved Safety and Security: The train offers more stability, as it is constantly moving and the load is never left alone. There is also security in the rail yards.
  • Sustainability: Intermodal shipping reduces the carbon footprint, as rail is the most efficient way for your freight to travel across the country.
  • Consistency: Trains are generally not hampered by weather conditions or highway congestion like trucks are, so schedules are more consistent.

Comprehensive Intermodal Shipping Options

Dry Freight

Airtight containers that are the most common for intermodal travel. General-purpose containers.


For bulky machinery or heavy materials that don’t fit in a normal, enclosed container.


Regulates temperature for dry and warm storage whose goods require it.


Known as reefer containers, these maintain an internal temperature and ship perishable items.

Flat Rack

With collapsible sides, these can make a rack-like container for shipping pipes, wood, or other tall materials.


Airtight containers that are the most common for intermodal travel. General-purpose containers.

Why Ship Intermodal with R&R?

Specialized Options

Intermodal Shipping includes options for unique or specialty freight, such as refrigerated goods.


We have access to hundreds of trailers across our family of companies, and even more across our 80,000 carrier relationships.

Trackable & Secure

Security of your shipments is our top priority. Our online tracking system gives you basic or detailed tracking information based on the carrier.

Large Carrier Network

R&R Express has access to a large North American network of trusted, qualified carriers.

Who We Ship For

Intermodal shipping is a popular option for companies shipping freight over a large distance. Our intermodal shipping solution offers a level of security and privacy that is unmatched, and it gets your freight across the country quickly and cost-effectively. Find your industry below to learn more, or submit the form on this page to start the conversation about your freight needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is some confusion surrounding the uses and benefits of intermodal shipping, but it can be used in a variety of applications. Use it when your cargo is traveling over 700 miles, or if you have a high freight volume where you need more capacity and efficiency. This is also an excellent shipping option for non-urgent freight.

Sustainability is important for many companies, and at the R&R Family of Companies, we know that Intermodal Shipping offers more environmental benefits for your team. By lowering the amount of time on the highway, there is less diesel fuel consumption, and reduced carbon emissions, as well as less noise pollution.

At first glance, intermodal shipping might seem synonymous with full truckload service, but that is not completely true. Although the size of the containers is standard, there are weight differences in the loads that can be carried. A truck can carry 45,000 pounds, but the weight limit for Intermodal Shipping is 42,500 pounds. Failing to understand this difference is the number one problem that leads companies to difficulties.

Yes! With the advances in technology, you can follow your load across the country in real time. Just input your customer code and load number to check your status online.

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