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WLX | WLE's Sunshine Taggies Bring Comfort to Children

2023-05-09 03:15 PM

WLX | WLE, part of the R&R Express Family of Companies, is making a difference in the lives of children at the nearby Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri through their charitable initiative, Sunshine Taggies.

The company's ownership team follows the R&R Express model of taking a leadership role in charitable endeavors. The idea for Sunshine Taggies came about as part of WLX | WLE's commitment to giving back to the Kansas City community.


How Sunshine Taggies Came to Be

After setting up a meeting with Children's Mercy to understand their areas of need, WLX | WLE leadership explored many different ideas with their teammates. One of their employees, who has a true passion for sewing, suggested creating a special type of blanket for children at the hospital — Sunshine Taggies!

Providing Comfort to Children in Need

Sunshine Taggies are comfort items made of two soft, minky fabrics - one side is textured and the other is smooth. The taggies also have ribbons of varying sizes and textures sewn into the edges, making them a great stress reliever for young kids to play with. The ribbons provide an additional tactile experience for children, offering a range of textures and colors to explore and play with. 

Every member of the WLX | WLE team participates in creating the taggies, working under the direction of their head seamstress, Jackie Robinson. In fact, employees often give up their lunch breaks to spend an hour bringing the blankets to life. 


“Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the largest, most impactful difference.
We truly appreciate all you are doing for our families!"


—Stephanie Easley, CCLS
Assistant Director, Inkind Giving and Community Groups
Department of Philanthropy
Children’s Mercy Kansas City


R&R Express and WLX/WLE are Proud to Make a Difference

The Sunshine Taggies project is a shining example of how businesses can make a positive impact on their communities. By working together and utilizing their skills and resources, WLX | WLE is able to provide comfort and joy to the children at Children’s Mercy during a challenging time.

But this project is just one of the many ways that WLX | WLE gives back to their community. They donate via the “LEX GO! CLUB” per truckload movement for The XEL Foundation, an organization founded to support individuals with autism through research and inclusion.

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