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R&R Express Family of Companies Provides Broader Freight Services

2023-02-16 03:23 PM

By R&R Express

Having access to the right shipping solutions is essential for any business that sells physical goods. Even the best products and lowest prices won’t make for a successful endeavor unless those items can be distributed effectively to the market. 

As you may know, finding a reliable shipping partner can be frustrating, to say the least. Too often, businesses get stuck with a freight company that can really only fill one need effectively. They might play that specific role nicely, but they are unable to pivot into other areas of logistics when the need arises. If that sounds like something you have experienced, turn to the R&R Express family of companies to solve your problems once and for all. 

The Power of Diversity in Shipping Solutions

It’s easy to lump all shipping together as generally the same thing, but that’s far from the truth. In the real world, there are many different types of shipping, and a solution that works for one of your products may not work at all for another. This is why R&R Express is so proud to have a variety of brands now under a single umbrella to better serve our customers. This way, no matter what it is you need to accomplish, there will be an appropriate solution waiting in our network. 

The Value of Diverse Shipping Offerings at R&R Express:

  • We are focused on relationship-building with long-standing customers
  • We get to know the ins and outs of your business and how to be a valuable partner
  • When you have freight to ship (no matter what it is), we can help get it to your desired destination

Protect Your Precious Time

Everyone is busy and short on time, so you certainly don’t need to be wasting any of yours looking around for new shipping companies that can meet your needs. Once you have established a relationship with a freight company, you should be able to lean on that relationship and have it provide you with the answers to all of your shipping questions. If that isn’t the case with your current logistics provider, turn to R&R Express to see what a difference we can make. 

It’s our goal to streamline and simplify the shipping process for our customers. For frequent shippers, we can even integrate our platform right onto your desktop for ease of service.

The R&R Express Family of Companies

Using a combination of truck assets and contracted carriers, R&R Express and its family of companies (now under one umbrella) move hundreds of thousands of shipments per year. The capabilities across our brands include:

  • LTL and FTL Freight Services via American Group - American Group is a "boutique" brokerage offering LTL and FTL freight services. Our goals, since day one, have been to listen to clients, understand their needs, and work together to craft solutions to problems within their existing supply chain.
  • Heavy Haul and Specialty Shipping with GT Worldwide - For over fifteen years, GT has built a reputation of being heavy-haul and over-dimensional specialists. And while that is true, we are so much more. Truckloads to LTL, rail to ocean freight, we provide dynamic solutions for even the most challenging logistical needs.
  • Final Mile Shipping via Final Mile Solutions Group - One of the trickiest parts of the freight process can be sorting out who is going to close the final miles of the delivery process and put the goods in the hands of the final recipient. By working with Final Mile Solutions Group, one of our brands, you can clear this hurdle and reach a suitable solution. 
  • Cross Border Service via R&R Global - If you do business internationally, the borders that must be crossed with your goods represent an obstacle that isn’t present with domestic shipments. In this case, you can pair up with R&R Global, where we will have all of the answers to your international shipping questions and we’ll ensure that none of your products get stuck due to border crossing issues. 
  • Managed Transportation Solutions via Paradigm - Transportation and logistics can’t be core competencies for every company, but they are for Paradigm. It’s all that we do. Our team has years of industry experience developing managed transportation solutions for our customers. 
  • End-to-End Logistics via R&R Express Logistics - Our customer-first service capabilities have you working with a single point of contact tracking, updates, quoting, and full-service questions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone. 

With specialized divisions for nearly every aspect of transportation and logistics, we are well-equipped to get the job done. We’ll be able to point you to the right experts within our organization depending on what it is you need to accomplish. 

Shipping can be complicated and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A partner that is both diversified and experienced in this field can take the stress off your shoulders and properly solve even the most difficult logistical puzzles. Get in touch with the R&R Express Family of Companies today to find the right shipping solution.

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R&R Express Family of Companies Provides Broader Freigh
Company News
R&R Express Family of Companies Provides Broader Freigh


Having access to the right shipping solutions is essential for any business. Learn more about the value of partnering with a diverse shipping company.

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