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Small company, extensive capabilities. Ship with Paradigm.



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Small company, extensive capabilities. Ship with Paradigm.

Paradigm can manage a single shipment, location, mode, or your entire supply chain.

Paradigm was formed to take advantage of the changing transportation and logistics dynamic. Supply chains are becoming more complicated, resources are becoming scarce and technology is becoming more expensive. As a result, customers are looking to partner with someone who can simplify this process. 

Transportation and logistics can’t be core competencies for every company, but they are for Paradigm. It’s all that we do. Our team has years of industry experience developing transportation solutions for our customers. We always go the extra mile to ensure your shipments arrive on time and undamaged with no issues along the way. Leave the logistics to us!

Although Paradigm is a leader in transportation, supply chain optimization and brokerage solutions, we offer a full array of logistics and supply chain solutions.

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A proud member of the R&R Family of Companies

We are still the same team you have worked with over the years, but we now benefit from being a part of one of the Top 100 Logistics companies in North America. This means we now have access to a greater network, the ability to handle just about any type of shipment, backed by more people with the experience to handle the easy shipments and the more complex ones.

Paradigm employees are proud to donate to the XEL Foundation through the LEX GO! Club.

Our employees donate 54¢ to the XEL Foundation through the LEX GO! Club when your shipment is completed. The R&R Family of Companies matches that with another 54¢ donation. This is $1.08 per shipment going toward autism research and parent/family support. The 54 cents represents the 1 in 54 children diagnosed with autism based on CDC statistics in 2021 when the foundation was established.

XEL Foundation / The LEX GO! Club
600 - R&R Global
600 - Taylor Transportation, Inc.
500 - LTR - Load To Ride Transportation
320 - RFX | RFE
300 - AGX
280 - R&R Express
255 - American Group
255 - WLX | WLE
255 - GT
240 - Paradigm

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