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International Shipping of High-Value Medical Imaging Equipment


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Seoul, South Korea


LaBelle, FL

Customer Background

This customer distributes CT equipment and other medical scanning or imaging devices. They are a notable player in the medical imaging equipment market and serve clients like hospitals, imaging centers, and cancer treatment centers nationwide. 

The Need

The medical equipment company is an existing full truckload (FTL) customer. They had an urgent need to relocate a PET scanner from a hospital in South Korea into the United States to Central Florida.

The scanner was in place at the hospital and needed to be packed for export, so there was little information available regarding finished pieces and weight. However, our goal is always to provide flexibility and ease for the customer, and we did just that. 

The Solution

Our team gave the customer a budgetary price and a logistics plan to execute the move. They liked both and were confident to entrust us with this important and valuable freight.

Our team coordinated closely with the packing crew in Seoul, Korea. We booked freighter service into the U.S. and dedicated delivery to the site in Florida. The ability to manage international shipping is something that many other logistics companies are not able to offer. Given the high dollar value of the shipments in question, it’s particularly important for them to have a trustworthy partner to handle the transport of these expensive imaging tools. 

The Results

It was essential for this particular international shipment to arrive on time for our customer. Adding to the importance of handling the shipment properly was the value of the item — it was a CT piece valued at roughly $400K. We were trusted with this important shipment because the customer knew we had the expertise and partnerships in place to make sure the package arrived both on time and safely. 

Our team was on top of this shipment from the beginning, taking the lead in project logistics and relying on strong industry connections to put the pieces in place. The entire move took less than a month and, when the dust had settled, we were able to save the customer more money than originally expected due to the revised pieces and weight of the packed cargo.

The customer was ecstatic, and this exercise has opened their horizons to sourcing beyond the US to international markets. We’re now their preferred forwarder as they plan for additional international shipments. 

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