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Full Truckload, Cross Border Shipping for a Pipe Fusion Equipment Manufacturer


Manufacturing & Distribution




Florida, Oklahoma, and Mexico


All over the US and some destinations in Canada

Customer Background

This manufacturer mainly specializes in fusion machines used to fuse pipes together. They also supply parts for heavy machinery and dataloggers, in addition to many other types of equipment and parts.

The Need

This manufacturer already had a freight carrier they were working with, but reached out to the R&R Family of Companies to explore other options in search of better rates and streamlined shipping operations. 

They needed a full truckload solution to ship pipes on flatbeds from the US and Mexico to locations all over the US and some destinations in Canada. This operation would require cross border shipping expertise and diligent logistics to get the pipes from point A to B to C, seamlessly handling multiple steps in this critical shipping process.

The Solution

Our current project for this manufacturer involves shipping 120 truckloads of 50-foot-long pipes from Mexico to a gold mine in Canada. We have overcome numerous obstacles during the course of this project, mainly related to the difficulty of shipping in and out of Mexico. Our border crossing experts were able to help clean up the issues we were experiencing with Mexican customs. 

Not only have we been able to alleviate the stress of cross border shipping, but we have also successfully been able to complete a multi-step shipping process with custom, special circumstances involved. This is where our project logistics solutions go the extra mile to ensure each project runs smoothly with the correct routing in place.

The first seven truckloads of pipe had to be diverted to a facility in Alberta to be coated in insulation. However, once the pipes were coated, their outer diameter increased in size and we then needed more trucks to accommodate the freight. We easily pivoted and turned the initial seven truckloads into nine. They were then sent off to their final destination — a gold mine in Canada.

The careful loading and unloading of these very large fused pipes is a feat in and of itself!

It’s hard to not become friendly when you are working with people in this capacity. My goal is to have them as a client for the rest of my career.

- TJ Impavido, Logistics Coordinator at the R&R Family of Companies

The Results

Going above and beyond for our customers is what makes the R&R Family of Companies stand out from the competition. What many of our customers want out of our partnership more than anything is constant communication so they never have to skip a beat or feel like they are left in the dark about their critical shipments. Because of our emphasis on building relationships, this manufacturer now feels confident in their choice to ship with the R&R Family of Companies and we look forward to a long partnership together.

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