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Customer Background

This entertainment trucking company ships and warehouses entertainment equipment for concert tours and other events. We were happy to assist when they reached out to us with a last-minute request.

The Need

Our client, an entertainment trucking company, reached out to one of our logistics agents at 11:00 pm on a Friday night. They had a driver breakdown in on the east coast on a load that was due in Iowa the next day for an important, world-renowned live show that has been in production since the 90s.

Because the time frame required team transit, they reached out in hopes to find a reliable team to repower the load and knew that our Power Only office was running three teams in our fleet at the time. One of those teams lives nearby and happened to be home and willing to do the last-minute job.

The Solution

One of our agents made contact with this company as soon as possible after receiving the phone call and quickly put a plan in place that put our contact at ease. We organized the team to repower the 53-foot dry van trailer from the broken down truck at 1:00 in the morning in order to make it to Iowa by 5:00 pm the next day. That timeframe would give the crew just enough time to unload the trailer (full of roughly 40,000 pounds of equipment) and set up for the show.

Logistics is all about the right timing and connections, and in this situation in particular, our connection with the team in New York and our agent’s quick responses were paramount in saving this shipment for our contact’s largest client.

The Results

After successfully stepping in to get that shipment to its destination on time, the owner-operator team on the east coast that we connected our contact with is now regularly requested for projects and tours. That’s the real value of maintaining great relationships with our large owner-operator and carrier networks — being able to provide creative solutions to time-sensitive challenges.

Additionally, the entertainment trucking company is now giving much of their overflow work to us at the R&R Family of Companies, allowing more of our show trucks to join tours shipping heavy loads of equipment such as trusses, sound equipment, screens and more. They also request us to help with project work that comes up for their clients.

Our willingness and consistency has landed us a spot at the top of their list for who to call when they need additional support.

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