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Oversized Shipping for a Biomethane Engineering Company


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Customer Background

Our customer is a biomethane engineering company that plays a significant role in local energy production. The company has over 30 years of experience in the engineering, production and distribution of biomethane, which is created from the biofumes from cow manure.

The Need

Our team at the R&R Family of Companies reached out to this customer to see if there was opportunity to enhance their oversized shipping operations.

Problems from previous carriers included ordering the wrong equipment, lack of organization surrounding permits, and lack of communication when it came to pickup and delivery scheduling.

The Solution

We provide this biomethane engineering company with overdimensional containers worth $1.4 million. We transport them to job sites across the country using removable gooseneck trailers (RGNs), double drops or step-decks because of the height.

In addition to the equipment and drivers, our team also provides the clear and consistent communication that our client was lacking with his previous shipping partner. Our contact is paired with a representative that is dedicated to his needs and open to communicating at any time necessary.

Challenges surrounding their freight include crane scheduling to pick up and deliver freight. It’s imperative to make sure that our drivers arrive exactly on time for crane appointments for pickup and delivery, otherwise the crew site will be delayed a day's worth of work.

The Results

Overall, shipping with the R&R Family of Companies has positively impacted our client and has given the company a reliable overdimensional shipping solution.

We have built a great relationship with our contact to the point where he does not feel the need to reach out to anyone else for his overdimensional shipping needs. Our partnership is based on clear communication, consistency, shared expertise and knowledge.

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