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Increased Profit Margins on Toilet Roll Paper Shipments from India


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Customer Background

A paper broker sources and sells paper used to manufacture rolls of toilet paper. He was previously sourcing the paper from the United States, but discovered a supplier in India that could produce it for less than any U.S. supplier. Establishing a partnership with this Indian supplier would be a critical move in his supply chain optimization and business growth strategy.

The Need

Our customer had identified the key to increasing his profit margin, but was faced with the challenge of finding the right transportation and logistics partner to move the product from India to the United States. The logistics needed to make sense in order to achieve the lowest cost possible and stay on track to meet projected profit goals.

The Solution

Containers over 44,000 pounds cannot be quoted in our TMS system, but we can spot quote just about anything with our large network. We started out by moving one to two of these 52,000-pound containers per month. After proving our ability and gaining our customer’s trust with regular communication and consistent pricing, we are now moving more than twenty containers per month.

The Results

By partnering with the R&R Family of Companies, this paper broker was able to expand its operations and establish a reliable supply from India for less, yielding a 32% profit increase per container load of toilet roll paper successfully shipped.

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